Our view is based on 12 points

We value: Over:
Teams Individuals
Talent Knowledge
Organizational learning Rigid and inflexible processes
Horizontal and open organizations Hierarchical organizations
Trust and effective communication Command & Control
Leadership as a team variable Leadership as a single paradigm (individualism)
Innovation as the core of organizational culture Innovation just as a slogan
Innovation is mainly culture Innovation is just a process and method
Value Creation Competition
Shared vision Complied vision
Projects based on agile thinking Rigid project methodologies
Work as personal development Work as punishment and suffering


Our way of working is based on valuing the items on the left rather than those on the right. We do not disregard or rule out the latter – in some cases – but we give more value to the first ones.


The values that give meaning to our work and on which we base the path to our Vision are:

We are One

We sincerely believe that a team is greater than the sum of its members, and much more powerful and constructive than any individual. We value our capabilities and put them to the team. We know and feel that wherever one of us is weak there will be a strong partner to support us. Each day we recognize that this is the only way we can grow as people, as a team and as an organization. None of us is as smart as all of us.

We are Entrepreneurs

We believe in entrepreneurship as a way to understand and enjoy life. Each member of our team is part of our Vision, and their effort and enthusiasm to build it all makes us better as a team.

We are Resilient and Persevering

We face every day with optimism all the goals we undertake. Perseverance and courage requires common sense and we shall think that maybe we would not achieve it immediately. And we do not call this a failure. We consider it Learning.


We are Responsible

Everything we do, every commitment we undertake, has a consequence that depends on ourselves, because we are those who decide. In our organization, we perceive responsibility as a sign of maturity that requires effort and dedication, allowing us to reflect, manage, guide and evaluate the consequences of our actions.

We are Optimistic

We love what we do. We do not believe in working as a burden or a punishment but as something in which we develop and grow as people. We believe in the sense of humour and use it to improve our personal and professional development.


To become a global player thanks to the support we provide to all kinds of organizations in streamlining and enhancing innovation, value creation and team development processes.

Do you know where SHK comes from?

640px-HRM_EHS_p256On August 8, 1914, Sir Ernest Shackleton organized an expedition with the idea of starting to cross Antarctica from the Weddell Sea to the Ross Sea through the South Pole.

For this, he made the preparations for what would end up being called the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917). However, bad luck dealt them a cruel hand when their ship, the Endurance, was trapped in an icefield that crushed it slowly and finally sank it. The explorers were isolated more than two years, but thanks to the skill of their leader, they all managed to return alive to the frozen continent, a heroic deed that made Shackleton be considered a hero.

Shackleton was rediscovered in the late twentieth century and soon became a cult figure and a leadership model to follow as someone who, in extreme circumstances, kept his team together in a story of survival described by the historian Stephanie Barczewski as incredible.

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